Lessons from bees.

The power of Togetherness.

Cogent Bee Keeping

Lessons from bees.

At Cogent, everything we do is driven by, and owes its success to, the power of Togetherness.

With our clients, with our suppliers, with our partners, with each other – together we produce better results.

We didn’t invent this, however. No sir. Hard though it is to believe, there was a time when integrated marketing didn’t exist. A time when agencies didn’t exist. When even culturally and operationally integrated, productive, results focused collaborative businesses didn’t exist.

Way back then, bees had long since perfected the art and science of togetherness. And in a way, those little furry honey-makers are our heroes.

Here are our reasons why:

Bees always work for the common good.

Bees don’t have egos. Their first duty is to the collective and they will sacrifice themselves without hesitation if they perceive a threat to the hive.

Working together makes wonderful things happen.

Cooperation is the key to bee’s success; thousands of individuals behaving as a single organism.

Bees make honey while the sun shines.

Bees are opportunists, taking advantage of available food whenever conditions are right. Even when their stores seem full, they will find odd corners to pack with food.

Bees share and there is plenty for everyone, even other species.

Bees don’t compete head-on with other species; there is overlap in their food sources, but they do not need to drive others from their territory.

Honest communication is everything.

Bees are great communicators, using vibrations and pheromones to pass complex messages. As far as we know, they are incapable of telling anything but the truth.

Division of labour is highly efficient.

Bees move through a series of jobs in the hive before finally emerging as food gatherers. Everyone knowing how to do the full range of essential jobs makes for flexibility and adaptability.

Excellent role models, we think. Because adopting these beehaviours (sorry, couldn’t resist) makes the communications we create more, well, cogent.

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