Network Q.


Network Q, Vauxhall’s approved used car dealership brand, was the first of its kind in the UK.  Vauxhall and Cogent created the brand in 1990, and in doing so, established a whole new category in automotive retail.

This year, Vauxhall briefed us to raise further awareness of Network Q amongst existing and prospective Vauxhall customers, in the February issue of their VMAG magazine.

This ad is based around Network Q’s values, which remain the same today as they did in 1990.

As well as all the brand benefits that were available back then, Network Q has maintained its innovative and progressive edge by adding an additional five benefits and extending their exchange plan by 16 days.

With this ad, Network Q have shown how proud they are of their heritage and longevity – just as proud as we are that we’ve been their creative agency for 29 years. Roll on the 30th-anniversary celebrations!

Automotive press advert created by Cogent