The act of looking for and moving into a new home is an inertia buster that sees consumer spending behaviour change dramatically. But how do our mindsets change when we’re in moving mode and how does that influence purchase behaviour? For the first time, our Moving Minds attitudinal study identifies eight home mover tribes, and explores how brands might effectively engage with them when they’re most likely to spend.


Case studies.


Reasserting Hozelock’s dominant position in the marketplace.

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Love AGA.

Relaunching the iconic AGA cooker.

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Yorkshire Water.

Rallying regional pride with a utilities company.

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Crucial Trading.

Giving retailers a clear story to tell.

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Bensons for Beds.

Targeting home movers to drive sales.

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Hexagon Apartments.

Launching an exclusive new development to high net worth individuals.

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Marketing Birmingham.

Helping people make home moving decisions.

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